In March 2016 SYL canal dispute took another turn

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SYL canal is one of the most important issue that has been in the books of politicians in and around Punjab, Haryana and nearby states.

In recent news the Punjab government took an evasive step back towards the closure of this canal work and decided to return the land to the original land owners.

This river project was the last hope of Haryana to fulfil its water needs for harvesting and more.

Not only people would have shared the water resources but also shipping between the area was proposed which might have improved the bulk carriers way to cheaply distribute goods without too much hassles.

Haryana had completed their part of land but Punjab since 2004 has blocked down the project by passing a Punjab termination of Agreement Act 2004. Making all the previous agreements nullified and void.

After this decision of Punjab stopping the work, Haryana didn’t have any choice and they went straight unto Supreme court for the resolution of SYL canal issue.

Parkash Singh Badal in his statement in assembly states that no compromise will be done on sharing water resources of Punjab. Every farmer of Punjab will suffer if they allow making an canal as the water level has dropped significantly and nothing can be done other than stopping the project instantly.

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Parkash also mentioned that 1 crore rupees have been taken by Giani Zail Singh in 1976 from the Haryana Chief minister at that time to give away the water resources in a conspiracy.

In the past everything is mixed up with Indira Gandhi starting the project and Akali Dal standing against the making of SYL. Making members of Akali Dal got arrested when the project started and a huge morcha was being conducted to make this agreement cancel.

Khattar said in an interview that they are like small brothers of Punjab and Parkash Singh Badal is a senior member of the committee and they should think of them as proceed with SYL canal work.

But all of the issues have to an end as the final decision is taken and no SYL canal dispute will remain as the agreement is now been dismissed.

As far the Punjab assembly election is taking place the way it’s going on right now is looking that all the members of both the parties want to make SYL issue a bigger as its sentimental on grounds of water sharing.

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